Miniature Circuit Breakers RI 60

RI 60 miniature circuit breakers are provided with two springs namely for mounting on 35 mm wide rail (EN 60715).

As optional operation position a handle can be set up in ON or OFF position. Degree of protection IP20 and degree of protection IP40 after installation in a distribution box are available.

For faster and more effective use colors provide added value. Additional colour indicates position of main contacts (red - contacts closed; green - contacts opened).

Motor Protection Switches MS25

Motor protection circuit breakers are special type of circuit breakers, designed for protection of wide range of single-phase and three-phase AC motors against overload and short circuit. They are used in industry, small machines, agricultural machines, compressors etc.


Looking for highly reliable product?

  • Our MS25 is resistant to contact welding and enables low contact heating.
  • It automatically switches-off at over-current with thermal or magnetic release.
  • It has vertical and horizontal operational position and wide variety of snap-on auxilary switch blocks and accessories. It can be adapted to the needs of users.

Why Iskra? With years of expertise and innovation we can guarantee you a top quality products with high functionalities at a great price. Switches, made in Slovenia, Europe are guaranteeing maximum supply reliability, personal safety and preservation of the environment. Customer experiences prove that our switches last 20% longer.

Residual Current Circuit Breakers FI, NFI

With a residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) the following protective measures are available: fault protection, protection against fire and additional protection in case of direct contact. They are also suitable for isolation and have optional operation position. 

A terminal shape prevents connection of the conductor outside connection area.

Main features:

  • Mounting on 35 mm rail
  • Isolating function 
  • Additional colour display of the position of main contacts (red – contacts closed, green – contacts open) 
  • A terminal shape prevents connection of a conductor outside the connection area
  • Also A, B, F, S and G types available

Synchronization meters

If you are looking for manually or semi-automatically synchronise generators and bus bars, you have come to the right place. Our synchronization meters are truly unique products. They measure phase differences between generator and bus bar, voltages and the frequencies of the two systems. They can replace up to five instruments, occupying less space and giving you more information, for a lower price. Furthermore, they are equipped with status output, they are also appropriate for mounting on ships. They are equipped with LED diodes, so you can actually see the phase difference. When synchronizing conditions are set, the synchronizing relay is activated.