Our products and solutions are used in more than 75 countries worldwide, where we export 90% of our production. Knowledge of Iskra MIS is presented in transformer stations, power generation control centres, houses, industry, business buildings, on ships, railways, at airports etc. We are a development-oriented company which invests 10% of income in development

Fields of work

We offer products and solutions for:

§     High quality electric energy networks, distributed resources

– Measuring centres and network analyzers
– Measuring transducers
– Devices for compensation of  reactive energy
– Devices for power electronics
– Point of common coupling interface
– Software solution for managing processes in real time

§     Smart metering (AMM), smart use of energy

– Communication, concentration devices
– Energy meters
– Software for monitoring and analyzing energy consumption in buildings

§     Smart installations in buildings, infrastructure, systems

– Switchgears
– Measuring instruments
– Overvoltage protection
– Components for radio interference suppression
– Capacitors for use in electronics
– Motor run, lamp capacitors

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